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The Hamptons has long been considered the summer playground for the rich and famous. To many year‐round residents of Eastern Long island however, it is also home to a people with a fierce loyalty to their environment and a dedication to protecting the natural beauty that surrounds them.

When The Hamptons Green Alliance (HGA) was formed, a group of local tradesmen organized to promote sustainable design. A net‐ zero energy, carbon neutral home, was proposed to the architectural community, and many local architects began searching for a suitable project.

On December 22, 2008 the home of Mr. and Mrs. David Dubin in Southampton, LI became engulfed in flames and was destroyed. This tragedy would attract the attention of The Hamptons Green Alliance through the efforts of friend, fellow environmentalist, and local architect, Richard Stott.

Richard F. Stott, AIA, LEED AP (Accredited Professional) the owner of Steelbone Design Company and Flynn Stott Architects, P.C., reached out to the Dubins during this time and hosted a meeting that would bring together, what is now known as the Project Team; Telemark Inc. (founder of HGA and General Contractor), HGA founding members (six trade contractors) Craig Lee, of Lee Architecture and of course Richard F. Stott. Craig and Richard will lead the team that has designed and planned for the construction of a residence that will set the standard for sustainable carbon neutral building for the future. 

Richard discussed the benefits of building a LEED certified structure and the Dubin's, with their natural inclination to be environmentally responsible, agreed. Richard also became aware that one of the Dubin children had taken the loss of the house and his room very hard. He began a dialog with the Dubin's 13 year old son about the LEED for Homes process and the boy responded with a keen interest. In turn, the Dubin's son shared his new passion with the teach of his honors science class. Southampton High School began taking an interest in the green building process in the Hamptons. A special project has evolved that will allow this inquisitive student report to on the design and recreation of what promises to be a very special home. 


HGA House Documentary

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The Companies That Made It Happen

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