Welcome to the Hamptons Green Alliance's (HGA) newly designed website

Photography by Lucille Khornak - www.lucillekhornak.com

Photography by Lucille Khornak - www.lucillekhornak.com

The HGA saw great achievements when building the ground breaking HGA House. We shared what we learned to people around the world. I was invited to present at the ZERO10 Conference in Oslo, Norway, two consecutive years at the Advanced Energy Conference in New York City hosted by the Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center at Stony Brook University, a two day workshop at the Asian Development Bank headquarters in Manila, Philippians, Myanmar's 1st, 2nd and 3rd Green Economy Green & Green Growth Forum and Conference in Nay Pyi Taw and Yangon, Myanmar, USGBC Regional Conference in Washington DC. I was invited to be a keynote speaker at the Telemark County Executive Board Delegation trip to Washington DC's Business Seminar and attended a reception at the residence of the Norwegian Ambassador, Mr. Kare R. Aas. I spoke at several local and regional events. It was always a great honor to be invited to present and there was great satisfaction in sharing what we learned from that project. We continue to learn.

Take a moment to surf this website to see the press and the achievements earned by building the HGA House. It is quite remarkable when I look back. It is amazing how much we learned about building green, sustainable and resilient buildings. There has been a paradigm change. We look at building differently toady. It has changed how we build. We are passionately committed to improving how we build. What we build today will have a life span of 50, 60 or more years. What we build today will impact the future. We wish to make an impact with building as energy efficient as possible to impact the future in a positive way.

The HGA is planning several more projects where it intends to raise the bar and accomplish more by applying lessons learned, building green, sustainable, resilient and smart built systems. The HGA is planning to form partnerships and collaborations to form a world class team of experts as we continue to push the envelope for more energy efficient buildings.

We are considering a project that produces more energy than what it took to make the materials, do the construction, operate and dispose of the building. These energy positive buildings now become part of the energy solution not the energy problem. We are considering a project that creates homeostasis in buildings. By studying biomimicry, learning how the body maintains temperature by circulating fluids we plan to circulate fluids in the entire building envelope, using the building mass as an energy reservoir in both heating and cooling. We may be able to cool the building without mechanical cooling.

We designed this website to be the hub of information as we continue to build ground breaking designs and implement the latest technologies. No one can do it alone. We must share what we learn as we bring building into science. We seek input from those who share our passion to learn as we implement knowledge into the practical application of the "How". We don't have all the information. We seek collaborations, sharing knowledge to help us achieve great results.

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