Over the last few years Hamptons Green Alliance has been featured in a number of print magazines, newspaper articles and publications.


The Hamptons Is Home To People With A Fierce Loyalty To Their Environment
March 20, 2015

Dedicated To Serving The Industry In The Tri-State Area
September/October 2014

May 2013

U.S Green Building Council

HGA Home Is Built To Be A Sustainable Model
January 5, 2011

Local Builder Frank Dalene Impacts the World
July 13, 2011

Senator Lavalle Tours Hampton Green Alliance House
April 2010

Hamptons Green Alliance Takes Green Building One Step Further
April 2010

Ultra-Green Hamptons Home Wins Net Zero Award
June 2010

Renewable Energy Magazine Interview
June 2010

LEED Platinum Certifacte
August 2010

Green News From The Hamptons Green Alliance
December 2010

Hamptons Home and Garden Show Focuses On Green This Year
May 27, 2009

Hamptons Home Sets Standard For Future Carbon-Neutral Homes
July 8, 2009

Hamptons Green Alliance Starts Work on a Net Zero Energy, Certified Carbon Neutral and LEED Platinum House on Long Island
July 2009

Ultra-Green Demonstration Home Rises In The Hamptons
September 3, 2009

Hamptons CFO Frank Dalene Says Luxury and Green Go Hand in Hand
September 30, 2009

Carbon-Neutral Home Shaping Up
November 23, 2009

Hamptons Green Alliance Attempts To Achieve  Highest LEED Certification
December 30, 2009

The Hamptons Green Alliance 1st Annual Event

Hamptons Luxury Homes Announces Charter Members Of
Newly-formed Hamptons Green Alliance
February 21, 2008

Seeking To Educate Local Home Buyers And Consumers
About Green And Sustainable Home Building

March 2008

The Right Time For the Hamptons Green Alliance
April 2008

New Business Alliance Promoting a 'Green' Approach to Building
October 8, 2008

Something For Nothing
December 2008

Next 'Green' Trend May Be Bank Financing
December 16, 2008

Local Green Alliance Educates Hamptons Homeowners
December 2008

Technology And Information Management for Low-Carbon Building
December 17, 2015

Going Green: A look at Green Design in the Hamptons
April 2013

USGBC Awards Southampton's HGA House LEED Platinum Certification
4,800 Sq. Ft. Home One of Largest LEED Platinum Homes on Record

January 24, 2011

HomeGain Radio
February 4, 2011

On Becoming A Diamond -  A Home That Made History
July 2011

Hamptons Green Alliance Members Present HGA House Update to AIA Peconic Dinner Meeting
January 2010

A Model Home For Green Living
April 2010

"This Week's Green House" rises from the ashes
April 2010

New York State Legislative Resolution
June 2010

Architects And Hamptons Green Alliance Recognized In Legislative Resolution By State Of New York
July 2010

Telemark President Discusses Carbon Neutral Technologies Using Hampton Green Alliance Home’s Conversion to a High Performance Ultra-Green Home as Example
November 2010

USGBC Awards Southampton's HGA House LEED Platinum Certification
December 3, 2010

Hamptons Green Alliance Builds A Green Home
June 5th, 2009

New Family 'Green' House Built From The Ashes Up
July 30, 2009

Ultra-Green Demonstration Home Rises in the Hamptons
September 2009

Hamptons Green Alliance Attempts to Achieve Highest LEED Certification
September 15, 2009

Local Green Alliance Educated Hamptons Homeowners
September 30, 2009

Builders Can Do More To Reduce Carbon Footprints
December 17, 2009

Hamptons Luxury Homes and Telemark to Launch Hamptons Green Alliance
January 2008

Hamptons Luxury Homes and Telemark to Launch Hamptons Green Alliance
January 30, 2008

The Green Alliance Buds
February 2008

From The Editor Of Custom Home Magazine
March 20, 2008


Luxury Home Builder Shares Green Perspective
May 23, 2008

Getting Green Building Back On Track by Frank Dalane
September 2008

Contractors, Business Form Hamptons Green Alliance
October 31, 2008

My Green House is Bigger Than Yours
December 2008

Lunch With Frank Dalene of Telemark
December 16, 2008